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Farewell, fair cruelty.

William Shakespeare

A true man hates no one.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Leaders must wake people out of inertia. They must get people excited about something they've never seen before, something that does not yet exist.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

He who is brave is free.


I have never seen a greater monster or miracle in the world than myself.

Michel de Montaigne

Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character.

Robert E. Lee

God is only a great imaginative experience.

D.H. Lawrence

Democracy is the form of government that gives every man the right to be his own oppressor.

James Russell Lowell

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

So long as we love, we serve; so long as we are loved by others, I should say that we are almost indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend.

Robert Louis Stevenson

You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady.

Frank Sinatra

There is not love where there is no will.

Indira Gandhi

Organization charts and fancy titles count for next to nothing.

Colin Powell

Hunger knows no friend but its feeder.


Don't use words too big for the subject. Don't say "infinitely" when you mean "very"; otherwise you'll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.

C.S. Lewis

Knowledge of the self is the mother of all knowledge. So it is incumbent on me to know my self, to know it completely, to know its minutiae, its characteristics, its subtleties, and its very atoms.

Kahlil Gibran

I want to be all that I am capable of becoming.

Katherine Mansfield

I see you're a man with ideals. I better be going before you've still got them.

Mae West

I'm human and I've played my butt off for ten years. I'm not a loafer, I'm not a jerk, I'm a baseball player.

Reggie Jackson

Advice is like castor oil, easy enough to give but dreadful uneasy to take.

Josh Billings

I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.

Booker T. Washington

Politics ruins the character.

Otto von Bismarck

I am easily satisfied with the very best.

Winston Churchill

The chief difference between words and deeds is that words are always intended for men for their approbation, but deeds can be done only for God.

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy
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